Governance Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool


The GMETT tool is a self-assessment tool the ZCRBA is using to help its membership with planning of CRBs, setting priorities/ actions, governance indicators for improvements and operations


Enhancing the weak governance indicators in GMAs for improved sustainability and community livelihoods through avenues that foster conservation.


  • To help CBOs and other community natural resource governance bodies to carry out a self-assessment across a range of governance and management capacities and actions.
  • To help establish indicators for the current status of the resource and the management gaps.
  • To help establish goals for improvement and prioritization within individual governance organization
  • To identify specific activities that can be incorporated into annual planning and budgeting.
  • To help CBOs and Partners to identify and understand the resources within their respective management areas.
  • To help CBOs understand their working relationships with their partners.

How its Administered

Administering the form can be done either through a formal meeting with all the mentioned partners, or an onsite gathering of partners and CRB representatives.