Participation of the association in a comprehensive 10-day workshop on community governance.

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Participation in a comprehensive 10-day workshop on community Governance

From 1st February to 11th February 2024, the Zambia Resource Board Association’s Programs Manager, Racheal Nkhoma, and Technical Director, Dr. Rodgers Lubilo, actively participated in a comprehensive 10-day workshop on community governance dashboard held at Namushasha River Lodge in Ngonga, Namibia.

The focal point of this intensive workshop was to acquaint participants with the Governance Dashboard Tool and Process, emphasizing its application in implementing governance and livelihood dashboards across three conservancies. The overarching goal was not only to introduce the participants to this tool but also to utilize it as a means to pinpoint areas where Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) falls short, proposing and designing corrective actions. Additionally, the workshop aimed to formulate a regional program dedicated to revitalizing CBNRM governance through a strategic combination of training, monitoring, and research initiatives.

The community governance dashboard tool, functioning as a survey, plays a crucial role in monitoring CBNRM performance across vital domains like governance, social capital, livelihoods, wildlife, and tolerance. The collaborative exchange of insights and practices during the workshop not only fostered a dynamic learning environment but also set the foundation for future initiatives aimed at preserving and managing our natural resources. The workshop serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path for upcoming endeavors in the sustainable management of our invaluable natural resources.

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