Stand For Her Land Campaign Workshop

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The Zambia Community Resources Board Association Gender development and Data Specialist (Mumba Mike) Respectively. Participated in 3 days Stand for Her Land Campaign workshop coordinated by the Women Land Rights Platform and supported by ILRG in partnership with Landesa.

The workshop brought together 30 trained women land rights champions from 12 local NGOs and other stakeholders to build synergy around women land rights advocacy, orient participants to the Stand for Her Land campaign and develop strategy for implementing the campaign in Zambia.

The Stand for Her Land Campaign is closing the implementation gap for women’s land rights: the gulf between the strong standards in place to protect women’s rights to land, and the realization of those rights in practice, so that millions of women can realize the transformational power of rights to land. Further, the participation of the Association to the workshop offered the Association with an opportunity to learn on approaches to grassroot advocacy from other natural resource management sectors.

The workshop was held at Palmwood lodge in Chudleigh area, plot 609, Central Street, Lusaka.

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Paul Ng'uni · February 28, 2024 at 10:04 pm

To serve natural resources

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